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    NEW!! Coaches Evaluation!!

    In an effort to continuously improve all of our Sabattus Rec Club programs, we are asking for your feedback.  A few minutes of your time to evaluate each of your children's coaches would be greatly appreciated (responses are anonymous).  Note the coach's MBR number from the following table, and then click on the "Rate Your Coach" link below.

    Coach Name Coach Number               Sports
    Aaron Ouellette MBR-1139207 Baseball
    Adam Austin MBR-1133090 Soccer & Boys Lacrosse
    Adam Dorman MBR-1045409 Softball & Soccer
    Adam Rand MBR-924035 Baseball & Wrestling
    Adam Sikora MBR-1067251 Basketball & Baseball
    Adam Stark MBR-1078278 Baseball & Flag Football
    Alisha Austin MBR-1089268 Soccer
    Amanda Smith MBR-1055736 Cheerleading
    Amanda Whippo MBR-1123256 Cheerleading
    Andrea Jenney MBR-1034214 Softball & Wrestling
    Angela Castonguay MBR-863349 Soccer & Basketball
    Arthur Whitaker MBR-1043391 Softball
    Bethany Dostie MBR-1110196 Softball
    Bill Dubois MBR-1003285 Baseball, Softball, Flag Football & Basketball
    Brian Hatala MBR-1118721 Soccer
    Brittany Milligan MBR-1120272 Soccer & Field Hockey
    Carly Raymond MBR-1132779 Girls Lacrosse
    Chad Dostie MBR-1110148 Softball
    Chad Drouin MBR-941811 Basketball & Baseball & Softball
    Chris Blais MBR-1042092 Softball
    Chris Hyde MBR-924061 Softball & Basketball
    Christina Behne MBR-1056351 Softball & Field Hockey
    Christina Stuart MBR-1040121 Softball & Baseball
    Corey Austin MBR-1037609 Softball
    Cory Carroll-Brackley MBR-1080339 Baseball & Flag Football
    Dan Langlois MBR-974682 Football & Baseball
    Dan Simpson MBR-1078829 Baseball & Soccer
    Darryl Vannah MBR-1125819 Basketball
    David Swift MBR-1052229 Football
    Dawson Davis MBR-1135570 Boys Lacrosse
    Deb Whitaker MBR-676550 Cheerleading, Field Hockey, Softball
    Derrick St. Laurent MBR-924045 Baseball & Football
    Diane Bergeron MBR- 1136884 Softball
    Devon Delano MBR-781174 Basketball & Baseball & Football
    Don Theriault MBR-732616 Softball & Basketball & Soccer
    Eric Lough MBR-1136668 Softball
    Erin Reedy MBR-1096673 Baskketball & Girls Lacrosse
    Frankie Curtis MBR-1058292 Field Hockey
    Fred French MBR-1108389 Softball & Field Hockey
    Jami Webber MBR-1110478 Baseball
    Jared Buzzell MBR-1129949 Wrestling
    Jason Tardif MBR-1055971 Soccer & Boys Lacrosse
    Jeff Lemont MBR-1061966 Basketball, Soccer & Softball
    Jeff Saucier MBR-862150 Soccer & Basketball
    Jennifer Dorman MBR-1042088 Softball & Soccer
    Jenny Hatala MBR-1090205 Soccer & Basketball
    Jessica Dagneau MBR-1119218 Cheerleading
    Jill Bouchard MBR-1089712 Soccer
    John Curtis MBR-1090884 Soccer
    John Mastrianno MBR-1042338 Baseball, Soccer, Basketball & Boys Lacrosse
    Joseph Wing MBR-1110336 Baseball
    Josh Adams MBR-924072 Wrestling & Football
    Justin Castonguay MBR-863348 Soccer & Baseball
    Katie Caron MBR-978454 Field Hockey
    Katie Williams MBR-1109073 Softball & Field Hockey
    Kayla Caswell MBR-1121290 Cheerleading
    Kayla Mcintosh MBR-1118118 Soccer
    Kayla Sikora MBR-979336 Cheerleading
    Keith Hinkley MBR-1001349 Boys Lacrosse
    Keith Wood MBR-1078241 Baseball
    Kelly Millett MBR-1119321 Field Hockey
    Krissy Labbe MBR-1086935 Cheerleading
    Kyle Stanley MBR-1026902 Basketball & Baseball
    Louis Lachance MBR-1078686 Softball
    Mark Melanson MBR-1088292 Football
    Matthew Nadeau MBR-1109261 Softball
    Megan Moody MBR-1096043 Cheerleading
    Mike Larrabee MBR-1039302 Boys Lacrosse
    Mike Morin MBR-1001100 Boys Lacrosse
    Natasha Fyfe MBR-1116912 Soccer
    Nathan Hix MBR-1129948 Wrestling
    Nicholas Giguere MBR-893473 Football, Baseball & Softball
    Nicole Mann MBR-1053019 Soccer & Boys Lacrosse
    Peter Dorman MBR-803975 Football & Basketball
    Phyllis St. Pierre MBR-1079991 Softball & Soccer
    Pimble Smith MBR-1103990 Boys Lacrosse
    Robert Goucher MBR-725944 Baseball & Football
    Robert Michaud MBR-606626 Boys Lacrosse
    Samantha Thompson MBR-844036 Softball & Cheerleading
    Shannon Lerch MBR-1126381 Basketball & Softball
    Shelly Wheeler MBR-1059907 Field Hockey
    Sidney Mills MBR-1117873 Cheerleading
    Sierra Gilley MBR-1135597 Girls Lacrosse
    Stephanie Pelkey MBR-698538 Cheerleading
    Tiffany Hurd MBR-1116801 Soccer
    Tim Merrithew MBR-1043197 Baseball & Softball
    Travis Wheeler MBR-898714 Football & Baseball
    Trudy Pontbriand MBR-1031055 Basketball & Girls Lacrosse
    Will Taylor MBR-1023531 Soccer & Football

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