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Welcome to the Sabattus Rec Club

Home of the Oak Hill Raiders!

Welcome to the home page for the Sabattus Recreation Club.  Serving the towns of Sabattus, Wales, and Litchfield, we offer a variety of athletics for the growth and improvement of our community.  To better understand the focus of the Club, click on the button for the Mission Statement to the left, and to learn how you can get involved, click on the button for Administration. 

For those of you already participating in activities organized by the Sabattus Rec. Club, check here regularly for schedule updates and information.


NEWS:  We are always looking for ways to improve communications between the Administration, Coaches and Parents.  To help us do that, we have created a new Opt-In e-mail service.  To sign up, click on the “E-mail Sign Up” button to the left.  You will be able to receive e-mails for any number of the sports below, or if you are a leader in the Rec Club, you can sign up for specific groups within the organization. For Administrators, there is a separate e-mail list to receive e-mails for Directors, Board Members, etc.  To sign up for Admin emails, click on the “Administration” link and scroll to the bottom of the page.

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A special (sad) note

David Dee

To the Family of David Dee:
Sabattus Recreation Club sends our deepest condolences. It is because of David's dedication to his community that the Children in the towns of Sabattus, Wales, and Litchfield and surrounding areas have an outlet to focus their energies and are learning skills in the areas of sportsmanship, athletics, and leadership. May David rest upon the stars and live within the hearts of those he has impacted, greatly. 
We are truly grateful to have the Sabattus Recreation Club still thriving today because David was among those who founded our organization.

On behalf of Sabattus Recreation Club and membership:

Jessica Siderio, President; Shelah Rawstron, Vice President; Amy Sheehy, Treasurer; and Jessica Young, Secretary.


Some sports also use Facebook as a communication tool.  Click on the sport you are interested to see if there is a Facebook page for it.




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